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Custom Heat Resistant Rope


OEMs and MROs develop products that regularly perform at the most extreme temperatures. When you’re designing gaskets, lacing, welting, and all the complicated parts for these kinds of products, you need to know that your custom rope manufacturer can take the heat.

Neocorp’s proprietary manufacturing processes and decades of manufacturing experience mean that your project will be successful and on time. Our made-to-order ropes can protect as high as 1,000℉ (538℃), making sure that your cordage will withstand whatever environment your project is designed for.

Neocorps’s team will help you identify the best heat resistant rope for your project. We regularly carry a wide range of stock materials, including Kevlar, E-glass, Nomex, Twaron, and Neoprene. But we’re not limited to just stock – our engineers and designers can create the perfect heat resistant rope that meets all the needs of your project.

Custom Kevlar High Temperature Cord

Heat Resistant Rope and Cord

Our high temperature rope and cord is the right choice for draw strings, lacing, and welt cord for high-temperature settings. Made with Kevlar, E-glass, Twaron, Nomex, and generic aramids, it can be made in diameters ranging from 3/32” to 3/4" and in round, square, and D-shapes.

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Custom Kevlar Heat Resistant Tape

Quench Roller Tape

Neocorp also stocks and designs flat rectangular tape for high temperature applications. Typically used in the glass industry as part of the tempering process, this tape is also used in pipe wraps and insulation. Our standard sizes range from 3-5.5mm thick and 5.5-24.5mm wide. Made with the same proprietary and generic aramids as all our heat resistant cordage, our tape can withstand up to 1000℉.

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Custom Heat Resistant Bungee Cord

Heat Resistant Bungee

Neocorp isn’t just low-stretch cordage. We provide high temperature bungee cords. Ranging in diameter from 3/32” to 3/4" and in lengths from 100’ to 5000’, these bungees make for excellent draw and cinch cords and tie-downs in high-temperature applications. The neoprene or silicone interior core provide excellent stretch, while the aramid jacket resists abrasion.

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Quality and Innovation Since 1971

Neocorp has been at the forefront of cordage manufacturing since 1971. With multiple patented products and processes, Neocorp’s US-based manufacturing facility can produce custom heat resistant rope for OEMs and MROs. Neocorp’s ropes and cordage have seen every extreme. Our ropes are even in space!

With this experience, we can help consult on the best materials and designs for your project, ensuring that your project will fit your timeline and budget.

Berry-Compliant Manufacturing

Neocorp can also create Berry-Compliant cordage that fits government uses and your project’s needs.

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