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Custom Engineered Rope Products


We’ve all been there. You’re deep into the design stage, and you just can’t find the right engineered cord for your manufacturing project. Or worse: you’ve started manufacturing and your original supplier isn’t producing what you need in your project.

That’s when you need to get in touch with an experienced rope manufacturer who knows how hard bringing products to market can be. After 40 years of making rope for businesses that make things, Neocorp has the experience to get the right rope for the right project.

Does your project need to comply with the Berry Amendment?

Learn more about Neocorp’s Berry-Compliant cordage for governmental applications.

But it’s not just the years that Neocorp’s worked with manufacturers and OEM providers, it’s also how our patented and proven rope manufacturing processes can fit in your production schedule, no matter the project size. Unlike traditional braiding’s slower running equipment, each of our machines can produce up to  1000 feet of rope an hour. This allows Neocorp to provide shorter lead times, which means  your product ships on time and arrives sooner than the competition.

Custom Rope & Cordage Products


Neocorp uses our 40 years of R&D and production experience to create rope and cordage that falls into common product categories. Learn how Neocorp’s standard products fit into your manufacturing plans!


Temperature Resistant Rope

Engineered using the most technologically-advanced heat-resistant fibers like Kevlar, E-glass, Nomex, Twaron, and Neoprene, Neocorp’s range of temperature resistant cordage can be customized to fit any project that needs to last while being exposed to high temperatures.

Create made-to-order gaskets, lacing, and welting that protect against temperatures as high as 1,000° F (538° C) with Neocorp’s heat-resistant ropes.

Learn More about Neocorp’s Heat-Resistant Ropes.


Filtration Rope

Gasketed filters require highly specific cordage types to stop gas and liquid leaks from escaping the press plates and other machinery.

Whether you need high-compression polypropylene or polyester, custom-density nylon, or performance fibers like E-glass and Nomex, our filter cords provide virtually leak-free protection for large-scale filter presses. Our proprietary manufacturing process gives us unique controls over the density and shape of your fiber rope gaskets, allowing us to fine tune the performance to your requirements.

Learn More about our Filtration Rope.


Rope & Bungee

Manufacturing projects aren’t just about high temperatures and specific uses. Sometimes, your project just needs a specific type of typical cordage in lengths or diameters you can’t find just anywhere.

Neocorp has rapid manufacturing technologies, patented cord designs, consistent and safe production, competitive pricing and the experience to know what kinds of cord fits your project’s needs. Flexible custom manufacturing and low minimum orders allow you to finally source that specific color, size and length that is not available elsewhere.

Learn More about our Custom Cordage.


Shaped Rope

Even if your cord material is common, your project might require cords that aren’t round. D-shaped cord works well as a soft gasket, while rectangular cord reduces slip. We even produce triangular cord that we’ve seen used in dog toys!

When you need a cord that’s shaped to fit your project, you can trust the R&D department at Neocorp to come up with a solution.

Learn More about Neocorp's Shaped Rope.

Custom Manufactured Rope & Cordage

Even the most comprehensive list of the rope and cordage we provide wouldn’t be complete. Our in-house R&D department has created custom ropes for too wide a range of applications. Our ropes are even in space!

And if you’re not sure of the type of rope your project needs, our experience helps us find and develop the perfect cordage for your manufacturing process and project.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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