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Custom Filtration Rope



Neocorp is proud to offer filtration ropes such as gasket cords for CGR filter plates, filter cuff cords, and draw cords for dry filtration. These specialized ropes are engineered by our expert team for manufacturers of complex machinery.

Our filtration rope comes in both flat, rectangular “tapes” and round cords up to a 3/4 inch diameter.

Like all our custom cordage, Neocorp’s filtration rope is made using our high-speed and small-batch manufacturing technology, which allows our customers to fulfill both niche and mass-production projects.

We design our filtration rope using a range of possible materials, including Polypropylene, Polyester, Nomex, Twaron, Kevlar, E-Glass, Cotton, Nylon and engineered hybrid and generic fibers. Using Neocorp’s patented engineering, our filter cords provide your team with the specialized cordage to complete your manufacturing project.

Gasket Cord for GGR Filter Plates

Gasket Cord For CGR Filter Plates

Gasket cords for CGR filters are designed for use in a “caulked, gasketed, and recessed-chamber” filter press system. These systems are virtually leak-proof by design.

Neocorp’s filter cords resist compression and elongation using the patented Interlace® technology, giving you stability in your engineering plans.

Learn more about Neocorp’s CGR filter cord manufacturing.

Custom Filter Cuff Cord

Filter Cuff Cord

For non-recessed filters, Neocorp also offers filter cuff cords. Starting at 3/32 inch (2.4mm), these cords are perfect for filtering dry particles such as dust within a system.

Available in standard and custom sizes and densities, Neocorp can design and manufacture filter cuff cords in a range of materials.

Learn about our filter cuff cord products.

Custom Filter Draw Cord

Filter Draw Cord

Made for cinching bag-style filters, Neocorp’s filter draw cords are developed for wraps and other over-the-machinery filters.

Available in the same standard and custom sizes and materials as other Neocorp cordage, these filter draw cords will help you complete the final manufacturing on your specialized equipment.

View our available filter draw cords.

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