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Custom Shaped Rope


Round rope is used in a wide range of applications, from high-tech filter cuffs to mundane tie-downs.

But it’s not the only rope that Neocorp manufactures that can help you reach your production goals.

If you need door gaskets, welt cord, filter components, novel textures, or acoustical barriers, your design might rely on rope or cordage that has a specific shape. For the past three decades, Neocorp has been a manufacturer of shaped rope for manufacturers like OEMs and MROs.

Neocorp’s patented high-speed production technology can create round, flat, rectangular, square, d-shaped, and triangular rope shapes. These shapes can be made as large as 3/4 inch, using any of our stock fibers, so we can be sure sure that you get the right rope for your project.

And iIf you’re not sure what shape, size, or material of rope your design needs, our team of engineers are happy to work with you to design a made-to-order solution that makes sure your production line keeps running.

Our Shaped Rope Products

Custom Flat Rope

Rectangular and Flat Shaped Rope

Neocorp can design rectangular rope, with a longer flat side and a short height. Made from polyester, polypropylene, or nylon, and ranging from from 3/32 inch to 1 inch wide, these ropes are great for reinforcement seams or welting.

Neocorp also designs flat rope using technical fibers like Kevlar and other Aramids. These ropes are perfect for fabric gaskets in heat-resistant applications., and are currently employed by our customers as high temperature gaskets and quench roller tapes for glass manufacturer.

Learn more about our rectangular and flat shaped rope.

Custom Square Rope

Square Shaped Rope

The clean, sharp edges of Neocorp’s square rope fits well in grooves and recesses, perfect for gaskets and acoustical channel fillers.

Neocorp’s engineers can create square ropes in a wide range of densities and materials up to 5/8 inch cross-sections, allowing your team to make sure you get the rope your project needs to perform perfectly.

Learn more about Neocorp’s square shaped rope.

Custom D-Shaped Rope

D-Shaped and Half-Circle Rope

Perfect for flush-applied gaskets, D-shaped rope has a flat side up to 3/4 inch wide and a round side designed to cushion comfortably.

Neocorp designs half-circle rope in all standard and technical fibers and in a range of densities that meet your design needs.

Technical fibers are a great choice for stove door construction, as they can hold up to the high temperature differences between the inside and outside of the stove.

Learn more about our D-shaped and half-circle rope.

Custom Triangular Rope

Triangular Shaped Rope

Neocorp is one of the few rope manufacturers who can create the three clean angles of triangular rope. Used in novel applications, our patented manufacturing processes allows for rapid made-to-order rope made from any of our materials.

Our favorite application for triangular shaped rope has been in dog toys! Meet with our team to find out how triangular shaped rope can be the right rope for your project.

Learn more about our triangular shaped rope.

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