Neocorp’s patented production technology is not only very high speed but is also capable of producing shaped products. These shapes can be of value in gasket applications, filter components, as a welt cord or as an acoustical barrier component.

Our range goes up to a ¾” cross section and includes shapes of: Triangular, “D” or half circle shaped, Square, Rectangular and Round.

Our stocking materials list includes: Polypropylene, Polyester, Nomex, Twaron, Kevlar, E-Glass, Cotton, Nylon, Engineered hybrid and generic fibers.


  • Wood stove door gaskets

  • ½ circle or “D” shaped for boiler door gaskets

  • Triangular for novelty and dog toy applications

  • Fill channels or seams to dampen noise vibrations

Rectangular (1).jpg

Shaped Rope


Uses include reinforcement seams and welt applications. Sizes from as narrow as 3/32” to as wide as 1”

​Available Fibers: Standard and high performance fibers

Triangular (1).jpg

Shaped Rope


With three clean angles our tri angular cordage capability lends itself to new and novelty applications as few can produce the triangular shape.

Available Fibers: Standard and high performance fibers

Square (1).jpg

Shaped Rope


Uses include gasket applications and acoustical channel fillers. Clean, sharp angles in varying densities.  Up to 5/8” cross section. 

Available Fibers: Standard and high performance fibers

D Shaped (1).jpg

Shaped Rope


A ½ circle or “D” shaped construction for gasketing and reinforcement applications.  

Up to ¾” wide.

Available Fibers: Standard and high performance fibers

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