High Density Gasket Cord for CGR Filter Plates

High density gasket cords for CGR filter plates. Compression and elongation are controlled by our patented Interlace® technology. 

We use colored tracer lines to differentiate between sizes and materials. Our polypropylene filter cord has a singular diameter identifying colored tracer, while our polyester filter cord has a black tracer running alongside the colored tracer. 

Our six point quality testing procedure ensures consistent diameter, compression and elongation.

Available Fibers: Polyester, Polypropylene and Nylon

Available in standard sizes #9 - #14 plus custom diameters to your specifications.

CGR Filter Cord Examples:

Firm Polypropylene Blue Tracer.jpg

Firm Polypropylene with Diameter Identifying Colored Tracer

CGR Filter Front on Blueprint.jpg

CGR Filter Plate


Firm Polypropylene with Colored Tracer for Identification


Firm Polyester with Colored Tracers for Identification

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