High Temperature Rope and Cord for High Temperature Applications


Diameters ranging from small cordages 3/32” in diameter up to ropes 3/4” in diameter.

Uses included lacing for thermal insulation, uniform draw cords, custom closures, welt and seam cord, boiler gaskets and quench rollers. 


  • Heat resistant lacing for removable insulation covers

  • Draw strings for high temp stowage bags

  • High temp material handling environments

  • Welt cord for high temp textile applications

  • Sealing cord for channels and doors

  • Round, square, “d” shaped, ½ circle

  • Berry amendment qualified cords for temps not exceeding 250 f

  • E-glass, Kevlar, Twaron, Nomex, generic para aramids.

High Temperature Rope & Cord Examples:

8 9mm spun aramid round S403.jpg

9mm Aramid Cord

#6 Black Spun Aramid Round S460 close.jp

3/16" Black Aramid Cord

5 High Temp Draw Cord.jpg

5/32" High Temp Draw Cord 

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