Aramid/Neoprene Bungee for High Temperature Applications

High Temperature bungee constructed with an aramid jacket and a high temp neoprene core for high temperature applications including tie down uses such as in thermal insulation.

Diameter range 3/32" - 3/4" 

Temperature range up to 225° F

Available in bulk boxes or on spools ranging from 100 feet up to 5000 feet in certain diameters.


  • Excellent draw cord for bags

  • Turn out gear draw and cinch cords

  • High temperature material handling tie down

  • Berry amendment qualified stretch cords made to order.

  • Kevlar, Nomex, generic para aramids, Twaron. Neoprene, silicone UP TO 400 degrees F

High Temperature Bungee Examples:

#6 Black Spun Aramid Bungee S461 close.j

3/16" Aramid/Neoprene Bungee

Aramid Bungee Neoprene Core.jpg

High Temp Neoprene Core

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