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Service-Driven Manufacturer of Engineered Cordage and Stretch Cord

Engineered Cordage For OEMs and Distributors


Our Products

For over 30 years, Neocorp has been at the forefront of rope manufacturing for downstream applications and bulk use.

No application is out of our expertise, as Neocorp’s in-house R&D department can develop solutions for any situation.


In fact, we’ve patented  innovative cordage materials and manufacturing methods, developing custom solutions for our customers at our 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Pawtucket. From crowd management ropes to temperature-resistant drawstrings and everything in between, our customers have applied our wide-ranging product lines to a near-limitless list of uses.

Government and defense contractors can rest assured knowing that in addition to our standard products Neocorp makes Berry-Compliant Rope and Cordage as well . Over 90% of our products are manufactured in the USA and many military bases, municipalities, governmental organizations, and contractors have been able to get the perfect rope for their application with quick turnarounds.

Finally, our customers know Neocorp’s products will last in their applications. We continually improve our robust quality assurance program, ensuring our factory tests align with our customers’ goals.

Our Products


Temperature Resistant Rope

Get Made-to-Order shapes, diameters and lengths in a wide range of materials resistant up to 1,000℉. Whether you need shaped rope gaskets, heat-resistant tie-downs, or quench roller applications, Neocorp has a product for your application.


Our stock materials include Kevlar, E-glass, Nomex, Twaron, and Neoprene, but our in-house R&D department can help OEMs and MROs develop the right cordage for any application.

View Heat Resistant Rope Products


Filtration Rope

It’s not enough to know our materials, we also know how our customers use our rope in complicated manufacturing applications. For example, we provide custom-designed gasket cords for CGR filter plates that help your manufacturing processes work cleanly and without errors.


And if you use other manufacturing processes, we can fit flat, rectangular, and round draw and cuff cords that fit the specifications for your application.

View Filtration Rope Products


Rope, Cordage & Bungee Cord

Neocorp is not just about uncommon parts and complicated materials. Our customers have access to over 150 stock items for tie-down, draw cold, welt cord and related utility-based applications.

But even custom orders can have quick turnarounds using our patented interlace high-speed production line. When our customers can’t find the right stock item, we can provide  customizes products and packaging so you are receiving exactly what your applications calls for.

View Rope, Cordage & Bungee Cord Products


Shaped Rope

Some OEMs’ applications aren’t well-suited to round rope, but there are not often readily available solutions on the market, but that’s no challenge for our patented manufacturing technology.

For customers with more complicated needs, like wood stoves, door gaskets, dog toy manufacturers, or noise-dampening applications, we provide flat ropes, square ropes, D-shaped or half-circular rope, and triangular rope in all of our material and color choices.

View Shaped Rope Products

Get In Touch Today

Don’t wait for your inventory of rope and cordage to run out. Get in touch today to find out how Neocorp can strengthen your OEM manufacturing, distribution workflows, government project, or MRO services with our decades of experience, custom R&D, and high-quality manufacturing procedures.

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