Kevlar Square Dense Sleeve E Glass Square Heat Treated C Shaped Triangle

Custom Shapes

With our patented technology, Neocorp can custom make your high performance, technical textiles in a wide range of shapes to meet your requirements.

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High Temp Resistant

Designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding industrial requirements.

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Braid Over Wire

Custom jacketing on coated or uncoated wire or chain using standard or high performance fibers.

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Neocorp will custom design your gaskets in traditional or unique densities and shapes.

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Neocorp is your premier supplier of high temperature textiles, a wide range of gaskets and any braid over wire jacketing you require.

We're able to provide tough, high performance products to withstand temperatures ranging from 800 F - 3000 F and higher, as well as gaskets for a limitless range of applications.

In addition, our patented manufacturing process gives us the advantage of a wide range of capabilities including the unique ability to manufacture unusual shapes such as D Shaped, C Shaped, Triangular and others. This allows us to provide products to your exact specifications, whether you need a heat shield sleeve for your critical wiring or a dense aramid tape.

Another advantage we have is faster than normal turn around times. Our machines run faster, so you have your product faster. Because we hold this advantage we're able to pass along savings to our customers they can't receive from our competitors.

Neocorp is also able to supply your products in a wide range of specialty fibers including Teflon®, Nomex®, Kevlar®, Fiberglass and many others. We can provide a combination of these fibers, as well.

Our ability to custom design your gaskets are just as varied. Whether you require a traditional square in Graphite or a unique D shape in Teflon®, Neocorp can provide it in the density and shape you need.

And for insulating your wire, no one can surpass our combination of turn around time, price and quality.

Send us your most demanding application and Neocorp will put its engineering and development expertise to work for you.